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Welcome to the Archives. Due to the world and the nature of Copyright Law in the US I have stopped listing all the Restored TAPE I have. I am trying to find a way to make it available to anyone that wants to listen or share in a educational or documentary fashion. Sadly I have let people have access only for the to turn around and publish the material on You Tube. Which has come back to haunt me. SO 

IF you are a musician or a Rock N Roll Historian or writing a book or want to use the material to teach a class

please use our contact page and I will get back to you personally to see what I can do to share what I have. 

Some of the material I have is from Portland Ore, Los Angeles Ca New York and some D.C Stuff. Then there is a lot of UK and European bands too. Bands you might know, Stiff Little fingers, Joy Division, Bauhaus,The Wipers and Neo Boys, Smegma and Poison Idea, Sado Nation and Echo and the Bunneymen and much more. Again I do not sell any of this material. I do own the tapes but they are form a time in the past where a lot of these artists were not paid to make them. So as I said most of the bands have cleared this music but many have at least one person who was not cool with the idea so I cannot just post up tracks here.

If you have any tape you want restored I most likely would be glad to help you just have to get me the material and a way to get it back to you I will do the rest and add it in the archive. My goal with all this is someday someone or somehow it will be legal to publish all of it as a type of anthology for free mass consumption.   Thanks Mark A Baar 10/01/2019.

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