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What Jawseybruce Does

For hire I produce, mix engineer and write, art band and neo-soul compositions. I love to make city and field recordings I also have a passion for tape restoration of 2 and 4 track 1/4 inch and cassette tape that I digitize and do the all around remixing of.  For both love and for free.

I am also creating a archive of music from the DIY, Punk, Art Band movements between the 60's to the late 80's from all over the world. Anything on 1/4 inch 4 or 2 track tape or cassette even in video format let me know and chances are, if I can and it is relevant to the archive I'll restore and mix it, then digitize a copy for you. Send you a copy via DROPBOX free of any charge if you let me add the material to my archive, not for profit but to give out to anyone just for educational or historical reasons.


Need to want to mail us? Send all the neat stuff to Jawseybruce c/oMark Baar, 1018 N Alma Ave Boyle Heights Los Angeles 90063 or You can call us from anywhere in the world @916-213-6566 Otherwise send a message below and I'll get back to you. 

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