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Jawseybruce. Who and what.

Jawseybruce is a fictional persona created out of my need to express isolation and confusion as a feeling, while being connected to other people and art forms who are unaware of those feelings and effects on me, then on them secondarily. I have always been a creative. Born in that generation of those like me who needed by the world to have definition in term. You were a "musician" or a Painter of fine or commercial art, you were a sculptor or non-fiction writer. But you were never just an "artist" Those folks came along in the 70's era of ego. I prefer the word creative anyway as I write, paint or draw, play tons of instruments some live and analog others within a computer or some kind of electronics digitally. I use samples and loops. I make my own videos for some songs I often will do all the artwork for album covers each by hand. A tedious and laborious process that I find dull much faster than I find it rewarding. I do it all the same. What I am driving at here is as a person who is inclined to think and express my thoughts and ideas I use more than words I suppose. But I am not great painter or photographer. I am fine and well with many instruments and the use of software. But I am no computer geek or instrument prodigy for that matter. I love to do water color things with collage and found items. But I would never lay any claim to being a "Outsider" Artist like some of my friends who are, and should be praised and called such because of their accomplishments and tireless work with that art form intenionaly. Me I like it all. I suppose music best of all. Does that matter? Is there a right or wrong perspective to have about what makes ones own expression in art more or less? I will say that there are things I have done in music and art that were great and other things that were downright awful and not at all good expressions of the ideas I had. I do believe in the critical process of evaluation. I do believe that there is a praise to be had for some art that you should not give to others no matter how amazing the idea might have been that caused it's creation.

So for me the creation of a fictional self, a self not bound by typical standards in music, art or literature a persona that had characteristics and loose form was perfect. It has allowed me to do many thing I could not have otherwise. The story of Jawseybruce was created in a one scene play I wrote years ago which had as characters, Jawseybruce a man suffering from Agoraphobia and degenerative schizophrenia. The other and perhaps more important characters are his cats. Three of them which as the play progress take on more and more of his human tasks needed to survive. Going to the store for food, is the first one he needs them to do, then growingly afraid he cannot answer the door for anyone even the landlord and so on. I will save the ending of the play for myself at this time but would say that in Jasweybruce's delusions also comes creation. He creates things to fill the space only he can be in. Unable to go outside or engage with others he relies more and more on the cat's adventures out and what they have to say to him about those trips when they return. Nonetheless he loves art so he makes his own he loves music so creates sounds and records them on a old tape deck. Sadly he cares less about eating and bathing which creates the real dilemma for him literally harming his ability to stay alive and function. And as this worsens and becomes even more bizarre the cats become more and more human in shape and size. As you can imagine for a fellow like Jawsyebruce this presents it's one set of problems as well. So I relate to so much to this fictional persona that I use it all the time to lay claim to piece of music or record. To say simply it is my own nome de plum. More than that though is how it allows me to create a whole fantastic world for my self that I can then share with others but not be condoned or admonished as myself for doing so. So from Jasweybruce to you I say welcome to the blog.

The flea Mart

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