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The Package Deal

As the composer with all rights of any Jawseybruce or "The Bear and the Little Nun" Songs or sound tracks prefer to enter into a "package deal."


The client/vendor/you/producer pays the composer a fee to compensate the composer, as well as cover costs associated with the recording of the score.


The composer assumes responsibility for payments to musicians, arrangers, studio time, and instrument rentals, and retains any monies remaining after he or she pays these costs. However, if the composer incurs expenses in excess of the package fee deal, the composer assumes such costs.

There are, however, costs in the "package deal", which the producer assumes. These costs include the licensing of any music not written by the composer, or if the producer hires another composer to re-write the score, and any re-scoring or re-recording costs required solely for creative reasons.

The composer will prefer to limit the right of the producer to demand changes after delivery and to negotiate a "kill fee" in case the producer is dissatisfied with the score. Angeles Ca.

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